Industries Served

We serve various Industries with customized offerings

Because there is no one-size-fits-all, LEEDS TFM is the ideal partner for property and office space management, catering to multiple sectors as a one stop-shop for properties and facility management.
Our operation philosophy is built on the concept of strategic operations needs’ identification. We study and fully understand our customers business needs in order to provide them with the solutions that solve their problems, meet their budget and most importantly ensure their business is running uninterruptedly.

Oil & Gas

Offering a wide range of operation and maintenance services, LEEDS TFM aims to increase production efficiency to its optimum without hiking up costs sustaining high operational as well as safety standards. At the slightest notice, oil and gas refineries will be supplied with the most skillful personnel having expertise in various mechanical systems, electrical systems, and production management.

Retail & Commercial

Having a day-to-day consumer usage frequency, retail stores depend on having round the clock management and problems that arise need to be hastily dealt with in order to maintain productivity and maintain a customer’s pleasant experience. LEEDS TFM doesn’t only provide expert cleaning and management staff for retail outlets, but can also provide a plethora of fit out services.


Ensuring a prosperous educational environment with minimal distractions, LEEDS TFM has the capability to manage entire school and university campuses from hazardous lab maintenance to sewage and plumbing to landscape and irrigation services.


LEEDS TFM’s portfolio extends to banking field partners offering services that cater to both the bank staff as well as the client such as event security, general security personnel for the vicinity as well as housekeeping cleaning and sanitization services.


In order to guarantee efficient production processes yielding maximum returns, LEEDS TFM’s team is ready to supply industrial partners with the greatest services ranging from high impact industrial solutions for shutdown support services (conditional and energy audits) to systems operations and maintenance in addition to electrical appliance management leading to production process optimization.


Greener, safer, cleaner living spaces are considered to be prime targets for real estate investors. LEEDS TFM’s residential partners can attest to its excellent services within their compounds such as landscape construction and maintenance, security personnel deployment, and numerous cleaning and sanitization services.